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Monday, February 26, 2007
250207. ((:

First day of uni - it wasn't anything fantastic or exciting. Just plain boring. I can't believe i sat through four hours of torturing lectures that weren't even elaborately spread out through the afternoon! Mygod. But anyhow, It's still manageable with friends around. =)

It's just weird how fate appears in our lives. It could have happened two months ago, but just when you thought it wasn't possible anymore, it happened. I'm glad, i'm blessed, i'm loved. What else can you beat that with! Haha!

MY HOUSEMATES ARE SO BLESSED TO HAVE MEEEEEEEEE RIGHT? They get a hot guy in the house with heavely food to make them grow fattttt ! ;)

A few days back on a trip down crowns with lovely cakes and drinks to go with.!

hey baby, i miss you already.. <3>
how now sweet?


YICHING! eheh like that then fun mah! Take photos in a place where no one ever thought of it! ;) Cool huh.

JOSH! I knowwwwww, it's so weird not having you guys around when i feel like eating lollis too! Like i miss your stupid joke about it lah! )))=
SOMEBODY. haha, okay, thanks!

LALA! yupp! i love this song tooo! Yeah, it was nice seeing you again and definitely nice talking to you the whole afternoon! ((= The good old days yes? We'll go out soon before the uni term really starts! ;)

ZHI! the stars are niceee, the company's GREAT! KPO lah you! lol. & I DID BRUSH TEETH OKAY! you should thank me for asking him over to help you okayyyyy!

JACQ! it's okay! we still love you jacq! & don't listen to kohzhimin's rubbish! :P

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