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Saturday, February 17, 2007
Finally finally, a decent day off from all the labour work, unpacking, complaints, setting up, groceries shopping and what's not! I swear i almost died carrying close to a hundred bucks worth of groceries and housewares back home these two days. Safeway and Big W is definitely not exactly near arrows! But but, i'm proud to say, the apartment is now alive and bustling with people, laughter, bondings and whats not! (:

The kitchen is now fully furnished with the refrigerator filled with meat/veg/fruits/chocolates/sweets/cheese/milk/butter/ham/sausages/juice/cans/junk and whatever.
The living room has now breakfast on the go!
The balcony is equipped with mops, brooms, hangers and trolleys!
The bathroom smells good and classy.
My side of the bedroom is neat, clean, organized and pretty! Hell yeah! :D

Busy busy catching up with friends online, selling books to the juniors in arrows and meeting new people in the next year to come! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE! (Webcamming is nothing but fun!)

zhi&i at B&Js since a long time ago!

513 at vivo!

Last day in VE. ):
I kindof miss quite a few of them and i was pretty touched when they even bothered to sms me and call me down for last dinner with them. In fact, within this short three weeks with them, we'd grown to bond together quite nicely! (: Dinner was great, and saying goodbye was not easy.
Rush&i! / Hongboon the tall-ie & youtube fanatic!

Thankyou mr. yiming for his time off to bring me out for dinner at this rabbit restaurant at boat quay! (: I'll never forget his lame jokes/laughter and horny self at dinner/office! (HAHA!) My new found penpal and he'd better reply my mails! ;)

Thankyou mr. shatish for his damn annoying sms-es and for admitting HE MISSES ME like a lot. I know he misses someone to argue with him over sms, msn, office or coffee! lol. But yupp, he's one valuable friend not to be forgotten! (YOU STILL LOOK LIKE 25, period!)

Thankyou mr. charles for his really nice sms just before i depart singapore! He misses me, i know that. Lol. Will never forget how he showed me his dance steps when 'buttons' played over the broadcast! hahhahaha! :D

Sweekoon playing the piano for me as a farewell gift! Sweet eh!
MY BELOVED SENIORS unite at the airport! 6 years of friendship and counting... They're the best seniors i can ever find! Aren'ts you guys honoured! :p

Potluck dinner yesterday with the rest of the girls at laura's place. Fun! (:

Quick update of the basement of my apartment!

The many shoes and t-shirts/belts!

Okay, yes i changed my comforter.

I love my tableeee side!

amazing-soon-to-explode wardrobe! =/

Pweety pinkish side table! (:


okay, bye!

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