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Saturday, February 24, 2007
I can't help it but to publish this video out loud! (HAHAHAHA!) Presenting to you, my beloved room mate, Zerinne! ;)

These two days had been good, really good! Victoria Market + Hot guy = Perfect! lol. I woke up with a mess on the floor, and practically sprung out of bed when he clock showed 8:20am. I was supposed to meet leon at 7:30, not an hour later than that! =/ But anyhow, we left for marketing soon after and okay so thanks to him, i discovered a new side of vic mart. haha!

JACQ MY LOVEEEEEEE, you got zhi&i so worried! Don't do that next time okay! We'll just die of heart attack! But we still love you and our late night suppers/dance/singing sessions! gee.

Back home at around 10 and rushed to trinity college for some random procedures for the non-resident student program. Then, a short walk to Melbourne University with the girls to confirm my enrolment and had finally gotten my ID card. blahblahblah....

Dinner was simply heart-warming with pasta and clams. (=

Last minute Crowns with my five favourite girls. Kind of crazy to dress up really nice and head down crowns in the middle of the night! lol. Greco has really nice cakes and i totally regretted getting gin martini. My god! Though my night was pretty ruined by the drink, it was still good with the companies of ash/jun/kerrin/jacq/zhi! && of course, the busy phone made me smile everytime it read, "one new sms received" :DD

Okay, more updates soon when LAURAYEOWYIJUN sends me the photos! Till then, take care people!

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