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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

(ripped off ash's cause i'm too lazy to regurgitate what happened over the week! i know ash WOULDNT mind!)

We had Laura's surprise last week, where she got caught on film being all boring and unemotional while watching the video we painstakingly put together for her at my house. Where Zhi and Ting were horribly late because of the 'uluness' of Katong, and Jacq tricking Zhi into thinking Baileys was Milo with milk. The whole borrowing of the one and only lovely black and gold jacket, which is now new skin. Therefore causing much displeasure from the owner.

So anyway it was all exciting! The preparation, the anticipation, and the carrying out of operation Laura. Champagne and corona were taken in together with cheap hawker food at intercontinental, as well as random photos piling us up on the king size bed and giant bathrobes.

Went out at night again to drink and party, where we encountered some coincidental 'fate' moments, where Zhi and Jacq got high, where we walked (!!!) and exhausted all our finances. Got back to the hotel, washed of all smoke......

except smoke off Zhi's denim skirt, (we shan't go into that)

slept till we had to check out, all tired and dazed from the day+night before. Got home happy and satisfied because the video was a major success, Laura was happy, cake+champagne go too well together, and the night was all swell.

Okay cool. There were like heaps of photos taken, but all in a word, it explains all: LAZY. (HAHA!) Prolly blog more bout the week like say tomorrow? Take care folks! :D

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