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Thursday, February 08, 2007
Sorry for the long wait people! This will be a fanatic long post & i'll appreciate it if you were to scroll down up to get the chronological sequence right! ENJOY!

day: 4th February 2007, Sunday
venue: The Caribbean Condominium

The night was lovely with work left aside & party-ed hard! I saw the fun side of many people & camwhored like crazy! Food was taken care of by the guys and all i did was to stand & wait for food on my plate. GEEE! Played basketball barefooted and got ground burnt at the sole of my right foot. That sucked a little, i know! Imagine having to limp around and not able to swim because of one stupid injury! -.- But anyhow, i did enjoy myself to the fullest!

zhitao/swee koon/siying

"The Family Portrait"

zhitao/fadzil & crystal!

the 'intensive' glare! / sweekoon & mr jeremy!

we were supposed to act surprised! lol. / jacky!

swee koon imitating shin chan! / that's us (:

my uplines! :D / mr. eric acting cuteeee & mr. yiming grinning from ear to ear!

wehhh! / mr yiming's kind of forced to take this stupid shot! (HAHA!)

hong boon!! / mr. shatish & i don't know what's up with his beanie in such a hot day!

the 'macho' guys!

mr. yiming trying to be funny! lol.

& of course, mr. charles! :D

day: 3rd February 2007, Saturday
venue: Laura's place.

O.M.G. I swear i had the busiest weekend ever! We checked out of the hotel the next morning & left for individual activities & only to find ourselves meeting each other again hours later at laura's party! (HAHA!) Had a great time eating, catching up with the baldies & met the greenshirtguy! lalala. Laura's nineteenth and counting! :P Left the party ard 10 plus & met up with dannis at the bus stop. Dude! thankyou so much for everything that you'd done that night. My day started off good, and ended off better. (:



513 + 2 !

day: 2nd February 2007, Friday
venue: Hotel Intercontinental

HEH! what more can i ask for with a splendid night spent with four other captivating ladies yes? The night was just amazing with drinks, dance, retail, talks, walks and whats not. && oh, i bet laura was caught in surprise with the walk in video & a sinful chocolate cheese cake! geee. By the time we got back to the hotel from cityhall, it was like 4 am in the morning. BOYY, longest night ever but then again, the company is all that matters! :D Of course, i wouldn't mind repeating myself again, "I LOVE THE GIRLS (:"

laura/ash/zhi & I !

omg. i swear the weighing machine is flattering! it says "34.7 kg" Bullshit. haha!

girls in heels at padang at freaking 2am. /daybed!

ash & i at daybed.

the champagne popped with two fatties! :P


day: 27th January 2007, Saturday.
venue: ash's place.

Had a really awful time trying to locate ash's place amongst katong, therefore i was incredibly late. (HAHA!) The surprise video progressed well & definitely a success! bet laura's touched by now. A video featuring laura's typical day. OMG, i think we're such great actresses! lol. Nevertheless, we had a solid fun afternoon together yeah! :D

Tell us we look cute! ;)

GOSH, it took me nearly an hour! There's actually more photos to come, but i think that should be enough for now! :D Gotta rest and replenish my beauty sleep for more activities to come tomorrow! SHOPPING ANYONE? heh! (JACQ&ZHI! tomorrow's gonna be a better day alright!)


SOMEONE; errr, i've no idea who you are! seriously.

JACQ!! yesyes! the greenshirtguy. i'll say it's coincidence! ;) but hey noooo i don't have interesting stories lah. :P six more days to melbourne. aren't you like excited! geee! you're not ugly my dear! ;)

ZHI!! lalala. oKAYLA! hahahha! don't fret anymore okay dear! :D aunt agony is always here for you, anytime! ;) & omgosh, i love shopping with you! There's definitely more to comeeeeeee........

LAURA!! no problem girlfriend! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! you're 19 already.. heh! Hope you've enjoyed yourself last weekend & more weekends with us! :D:D

LINGQI: heyyy there! i update already luh! FOR YOUR SAKE, i'm always blogging for YOUR SAKE!!
MARILYN: hey hello!! i hope everything's going on fine on your side yah? say hi to michelle too!

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