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Sunday, March 25, 2007
Can i just say that Eggolas ROCKS!! If you don't know why i said that, don't bother asking. I think only jacq, zhi, ash, jun, lala, & the boy will probably know why. (haha!) Go check it out guys. It's kinda exciting now..

Okay so anyway, i'm not here to rant and flair about anything interesting because there's none at the moment. Finally saw the talkative side of David, had a pretty nice dinner out with the girls and j's boy though our night market plans were ruined by the pouring rain. Ahh.

Let's just say, I miss drama truckloads. )=
No more drama meetings.
No more dinners after rehearsals.
No more LAUGHING at stupid acting skills.
No more brainstorming.
No more interesting gossips to share.
No more fun loving people to talk to.
No more late night acting and ice-cream sessions.
No more waiting for doreen to arrive.
No more 'flirting' with clifton as a mistress.
No more 'shush-ing' james for being annoying.

WAIT. I miss DARWIN too! That boy must have forgotten all about us!
&& GIULIA! )):
Those were the days man.

(Doreen looks so funny! I MISS HERRRRRR!)

(still as annoying as ever! Haha! kidding)

(Thanks for the treat dude! LUNCH someday! deal.)

To the egg: Everything will fall into place, somehow, someday. Believe in faith and we'll all be there for you like always! I know you'll be fine, because you taught me how to grow stronger as a person. Thanks for all the laughter tonight! It's DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN FUNNY! hahahahaha! "Bang bang bang my bangs!" Okay, inside joke. But anyhow, please cheer up okay? (=

& BABY: don't fall sick! ): LOVES!

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