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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ohmygosh. I just recovered from slight shock disorder a few minutes ago. I swear the Online Feedback and Assessment Test gave me creeps about microeconomics though it's supposedly easy to comprehend. So like i totally screwed up the last question and the time is stressing me out! Only 2 minutes to solve a mathematical question, how nice. =/ Ahhhh whatever.

So anyway, this week was filled with assignments, drawings, designings, tests and basically nothing interesting. Practically spent my whole afternoon rotting my ass off in front of the computer, trying to squeeze out information to write about Moreland. (My Local Government Area sucks lah) But I still got the essay done in the end anyway.

I'm glad things turned out way better than what i'd expected. It's nice to hear from you after so long and knowing that you're doing fine just makes me feel better. Honestly, i was really happy to have you back as a friend whom i can sprout nonsense to, confide in, care for and talk about anything under the sun. Thank you.. I thank you for brightening up my day just when i needed a friend to talk to. You know who you are. (=
- The egg living in xiao lu sideland.

My dear boy is freaking ano! He gyms at least twice a day and eats nothing but chocolates. He feels fat everyday when he's not. He's a caffeine craze. He sleeps like a pig and spend most of his free time 'falling' asleep. He looks damn cute trying to do the hula hoop. And now, he's probably mugging for m&c so that i can go over later. Anyhow, the boy is sweet and everyone acknowledges it as a fact (= Don't you think he looks better with longer hair?

And there you go, old photos!

&& I'm in desperate need to go shopping!
Okay bye!

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