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Sunday, March 04, 2007
I think i should just do a weekly update instead because upon realisation, i don't exactly have much time to blog about my daily routine. That's not my main purpose of a blog anyway!

So how has everyone been? Developing school-withdrawing syndromes because chinese new year is ending.. or celebrating because school's finally starting again! ohwell, i kind of dread lectures now, but then again, university should be fun i guess! ;)

In just a week, so many things happened. Good or bad, it doesn't really matter. In fact, i've learnt a huge deal from the very one thing that i feel i will regret. I still hold on hopes nonetheless. && to think i thought everything was finally over, it wasn't. It's not easy i guess, at least not for me.

On a lighter note, i gave BIBA a shot on coming out with a new hairstyle for me a few days back. I wouldn't say it's bad.. it just gave me a younger look, of which i don't really fancy the word younger. Haha. But it aint that bad, i'll just have to deal with it and force it to grow QUICKLY before i die of embarrassment!

Arrow's Orientation was roughly four days back with lame games and really bad food. =/ Okay i'm so mean, but it's true! Anyhow, i'll keep it short here and let the pictures tell!

zhifeng/ the receptionist! (i swear he looks like justin timberlake!)

connie, san san's friend in trinity!

pretty myra/513!

leonniee and the two.

Ok my fringe sucks, I KNOW! )):

Okay byee! I'll update soooooooooon.

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