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Saturday, March 31, 2007
i thought ching's analogy on ass&kiss were damn funny! The whole conversation was in fact ridiculous, yet it made me laugh so hard. Thanks dear! For everything since last year, and cracking jokes just to see me smile again. I miss calling you roomieeeeee, ex-roomie! ;)

Hmm, i think i ought to thank the egg too. For sacrificing your sleeping time to hear me rant, even if it's just for a while. Don't call next time lah! Save moneyyy. Anyhow, thankyou friend!

March is almost coming to an end. Too fast too furious, i would say. Eight more months to cover, and there you go, a year gone just like that. How 2007 will turn out for me, let's just give it another nine more months and i'll tell you if my life's been good. 2006 didn't end well for me, but at least it gave me the best year of happiness and memories. Anticipate ting, anticipate. (:

I have this huge urge of closing blogspot and just keep LJ. Keeping a dosage of my life in a locked journal works fine for me. It's only accessible to a few close friends unless i unlock the posts lah of course. But then again, i'll be so anti-social if i do that! Like i know how singapore will miss me. heh` I'll give it some thoughts nonetheless.

Finally a relatively easy weekend for me with no more dued assignments for now. But because of the late nights rush and ridiculous sleeping hours, my bio-clock is pretty much screwed. I'll sleep at 5am everyday and who knows what time i'll wake up. This is bad!

OHNO, i think i'm catching a cold. That's why i say, i hate rainy days and especially when it happens when i'm walking on the streets! I don't have the habit of bringing an umbrella wherever i go, so please don't fail me. yay.

PS: Sorry for making many worry the past few nights. I can manage myself, so don't worry because ting is stronger than before! (: Let's just say, i'm trying not-to-be-dependant on anyone but myself now. At the end of the day, i still have to fend for myself, so praise me for being sensible! LOL. (oops!)

This shall be my inspirational motivation for the year.


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yesyes, the decision tree was so funny! So i decided to share it with everyone. I think it's damn cute, and what a sweet thing to do at say... 4am in the morning? ;)

Hey there! haha. Why does everyone say i don't look annoyed there! I do! I've tried my best though. lol. Anyway, how are you doing? I miss all of you too yeah! You still owe me my big big thing, rmb?

Hey dear! You know i actually had the intention to use this for my LJ, but somehow it doesn't work. So... lol! I realised the links were gone until you reminded me. Hurry come back okayyyy. We need to go out!

haha hey! See, it ain't much of a trouble to just put your name down, isn't it? (:

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