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Sunday, March 11, 2007
Moomba Water Festival 2007; A blast, a hell night of rides, laughter, atmosphere and of course, lovely fireworks! Seriously, i wouldn't mind visiting yarra everyday, provided they yank down the cost of the rides. Ohwell, it's pretty much similar to the ones i rode in Royal Melbourne Show last year though.

The day started off with a late 'picnic' at jun's place where food was awesome and companies were great! (: We should do that more often!

(pictures from lala's camera!)

Aren't they lovely! This is one thing you'll never get to see in singapore. I shall upload the video soon! (For the benefit of LALA who was supposed to come with us too........)

zhi+jun / jun&i

jacqapore + zhi / jacqapore + kerrin!

leon & i (=

&& everyone else!

Later in the night, we moved on to Crowns for the Ferrari Exhibition that launched vintage - modernized ferraris. Honestly, they were dead gorgeous!.

I swear i'm addicted to online shopping of late! My jewels are expanding by the day. But who can resist the temptation when it comes to really PRETTYYY necklaces/earrings/charm bracelets right! In 2 occations, i bought four items from COCOQUETTES. (: Go check out the website! I love them all.

These two just go together really well. :D

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