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Friday, March 09, 2007
Mygod. It's amazing how time flies. Finally i've got the time to catch my breath and keep in contact with the world out there! How's everyone coming along..? It's a long long friday in school for me. But Constuction Techonology 1A Workshop wasn't that bad afterall! Team rock. Had to build a structure as high as possible using small wooden blocks and it must be able to contain one tennis ball without toppling. Fun? Definitely! Our structure was about 1.8m tall. Like yes, taller than me!

Ahh, this whole week was kind of a rush and slap me! It's only the second week and i skipped two microeconomic lectures! (= But since i can actually use ILECTURE into good use, why not right! I'd rather attend the lecture at home with the comfort of my bed, laptop, aircon and food! ;]

Been cooking for the house and at the same time, pampered with yummy dinner by leon. I swear gaining weight is just a matter of time. But of course, he makes me happy! (=

* Where confusions collide, it makes the world seemingly bitchy. Ohwell, since i can't push time, let time tell then. It makes life a hell lot happier w/o having to think about it. Possible? I'll try, but who knows! At least i know who to fall back on when it really happens.

Singapore Student Society BBQ night at RMIT!
(Look at Sherman's face!)

Then we have adorable JACQ dancing to ciara's choreography of 'get up'! It's damn cute. (SORRY JACQQQQQQQQQQ)

A moment captured and remembered deeply within.
The promise then.

Lovely, but poisonous.

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