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Saturday, March 17, 2007

It's been a pretty long friday, as usual. CT1A was all about discussion and i must say, this tutorial class is the one i'm most comfortable with. I've got assignments due April 20 and it's time i work on it now!

After school was back to Palmerston with kohzhimin. (= Strolling along the once-familiar routes felt so good all of a sudden. Like hey! i remember walking along this street after school and go, "eheh! Hurry go Ottoto buy sushi. Got halfprice!" or "eheh! go safeway buy junkies leh" lol. It all just felt like yesterday...

Okay, so the bottomline is, I MISS PALMERSTON! )=
i really do.

So anyway, today's a good day for jacq. I came home to find myself cooking my forte dish for the one very special guest. Dinner was good for me because... I'm hungry. Dinner was good for zhi because... She's a glutton. Dinner was good for jacq because... of the COMPANY. yes jacq?

After dinner was this retarded MTV zhi&i filmed in our cosy little basement of our apartment. (HAHA!) Trust me, it's a really good way to pass time. AND because of kohzhimin laughing at almost all the filming, we had quite a fair bit of NGs! haha.

(it's an emo-night for the both of us) okay rubbish.

Music & Lyrics has really good tracks! (=
i know many go for "Way back into love", but i choose "Don't write me off".

okay, MTV to be uploaded the next time round. (:

-i'll be there for you till the end baby.

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