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Friday, March 30, 2007
You know how life is never fair and people always grumble though they're perfectly aware of it?

Okay, say define people.
People = Me.

Maybe i'm just a spoilt brat who has almost everything provided for her and yet she doesn't feel at least appreciative. Be it family, friends, relationship, studies, whatever. I can't seem to kick off the habit of taking things for granted. And honestly, i hate it.

There’s this huge encumber hindering every word of my thoughts. I'm hanging by a thread, hoping for rainbow after sunshine. Here i am, sulking at every bad thing that happened and out there is the beautiful world, seeking for a smile on my face with showered blessings. I should stop this annoying self and revert the chirpy one back. Like HELOOOOOOOOOO! or HIIIIIIIIIIIIII ! (:

(I do feel a little better doing that though)

I'm not sure. Everything is so hypothetical now. I can't seem to focus.
I hope things do get better, like i'd always believe that God will guide me through.

- Show me the light, and i'll promise to walk the path with you.

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