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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Arrows suck.
I'll only be fine with it if they would kindly restore my connection back. Urgh! It's damn annoying to live without internet and especially when i need activities to destress or rather, kill boredom. I hate it.

I'm finally done with my last piece of assignment due this afternoon and there! i'm free for a while. Feels good to just rot at home and worry about nothing close to schoolwork. But of course i won't be free for long, given the task of site visits, powerpoint presentations, essays, structure models and designed postcards all dued the week after easter break. I mean i like it in uni here, but it's not funny when heaps and heaps of assignments seems neverending. Damn i feel the sudden adrenaline rush! ):

I reckon Ballieu's my second home now like how I've been devoting three-quarters of my time in the library doing research, readings, essays, assignments, projects and stealing the internet. haha! I'm gonna take a deserving break during the weekends and party like crazy before the mad-work-rush begins. Seriously, holiday means no holiday for me. As contradicting as it may sound, it's true how uni kills people like me with work. I miss trinity can!

(I can see zhi and jacq going "YAH! i miss trinity lah. uni whole day study study study, no break one!")

On a lighter note, i'm free for the rest of the week in the sense that no classes for me anymore. So yay! Encountered something really funny just a few moments ago. Pong and i were studying in the Giblin section of ballieu yesterday and today, i was with jacq at the exact same spot w/o knowing that pong was just a table opposite us. And i bet we'll never know if not for msn. Funny!

Finally met up for a discussion with Simon and kudos to the both of us! Great team, great presentation to come. Gee, angmohs are not that difficult to communicate afterall huh. I swear wednesdays are such a meet-trinity-people day! Just on the way home with a swift detour from union house, i met sanny, MY EYE CANDY!!, tashia, jason, kim, pong, bryan and a few other familiar faces.

The egg is seriously annoying. He always call at the wrong timing and when i'm in the wrong place to pick up a call. FYI, he calls because he wants to annoy me. But it's okay! i take revenge in the wee hours when he's tired and almost falling asleep. (: But aiyah, if not for his annoyance that made me feel a little better during these few days, i'll be beaten handsdown by misery. Thankyoumyfrienddddddd!

Honestly, i still feel quite disturbed and affected by some unspoken thoughts. Hmm, say i'll think 'bout it every now and then and feel absolutely crappy after that. I have no idea why, or maybe because things are not as simple as you think like taking a few step backwards can vaguely show your true feelings. I'm lost.


I think this is probably one of the very written posts without photos. Ohwell!

It's mine, baby. (:

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