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Saturday, April 14, 2007
Henceforth, let's all tell her...

I'd finally taken some time off the busy schedule to fit this update into a proper post. Okay, maybe i was just lying about the busy part, because half of the time, i'm just lazy. Ahh. Anyway, just bear with me for a few minutes reading this long post! (:

Ash's housewarming party.
ash, jacq, jun, kerrin, ting, van, zhi.
seven girls. yummy food. exotic furnitures. breathtaking scenery across the city. lazed around. photos & there you go, enjoy!

(I think i look damn cute!! lol.)

(so many girls you can't resist.)

(jacq's sexy butt)

So 513 left for home at say, 10pm and finished up the pile of undone laundry and awaited patiently for fur! ;) Basically, we became his image consultant and decided to give him a change of identity which i thought suited him just right. LOL! I was hell of a happy girl.

Fur's visit.
chris, jacq, ting, zhi.
Ransacked my wardrobe. three outfits. black vest. blue bardot halter. grey tunip. two plums. four sexy ladies.


Decided to catch Mr Bean's holiday in mc and off we went! It's kinda amazing how much three girls can eat. Unbelievable, but somehow interesting eay! haha. Trust me, we went home and ate more. =/

Mr Bean's Holiday.
jacq, ting, zhi.
fun. laughter. round stomach

(zhi is forever giving me retarded faces.)


Left the cinema shortly after the end and rushed home to touch up before meeting emily and celest! It was definitely awesome catching up with seniors of the same school and weird enough, to meet in melbourne. Ha! But nevertheless, we learnt a lot of secrets we never knew. ;)

Metre long pizza.
celest. emily. ting
anticipation. good food. surprises. easter eggs. cookies. secrets unfold. laughter. memories. freddos. long walks. apartment viewing. good old basketball times. love (:

(beloved bball senior.)

Then came 13th April, exactly at 12am, jacq and zhi surprised me with my cake and awfully sweet present! The cake smashing part wasn't fun at all. No zhi no, it wasn't a nice thing to do. haha! But thankyou girls. For everything and even wanting to involve arrow's management team. Lol. Too bad 'justin timberlake' wasn't on duty. Boo!


Received neverending wishes. Thankyou people! Walked down city to get my baby. ((: So much to tell, yet i don't know where to start. Zhi was such a bad actor! lol. kidding lah. Headed home not long after and found myself caught in 'surprise' with yiching filming my retarded face! haha.

(i swear i had the same flavoured cake three times in a row.)
maybe because... it's my favourite? lol.

My Birthday!
clifton, doreen, jacq, james, sanny, ting, yiching
surprise surprise. presents. drinks. cakes. photos. laughter. touched. fun!

(told you she loves me!)

(best drama buds!)

(best crappy partners!)

(best roomies!)


(the little small girl!

(best ex-roomie and rubbish mates!!)

(& ting hereby thank everyone for the effort put in since last week, and especially to jacq, zhi and yiching.)

Everything ended around 6pm and left for pizza with the favourites. ;) This cute little girl came running into my arms like as though i have the phrase, "it's my birthday today! come give me a kiss" on my face. haha. & of which, she did give me a peck on the lips! I love kids!

(and there, pizza on the 'balcony')

Last but not least, i wanna thank yiching for everything!
(she knows best!)

(i hope i don't miss anyone out!)

mummy. thankyou for making my birthday such a great start by flying over to surprise me.
daddy. thankyou for wishing me happy birthday!
wanni. thankyou for the present, sms and wishes.
weijun. thankyou for the heart.
jhonna. thankyou for the lovely sms and i'll miss you truckies. ):

zhi. thankyou for everything dear! love.
jacq. thankyou for everything dear! love.
jun. thankyou for everything dear! love.
ash. thankyou for everything dear! love.
van. thankyou for everything dear! love.
fur. thankyou for everything! (:
nick. thankyou for everything! (:
yiching. thankyou for everything ex-roomie! LOVEYOU!
sanny. thankyou for everything dear!

alson. thankyou cuzzy!
albert. thankyou! i'm still one day younger, i know.
belinda. thankyou!
cheekiat. thankyou for the birthday song! though you've tried your best in singing. lol
clifton. thankyou lengzai for the party, present, wishes! see you soon!
daniel. thankyou!
darcy. the very first one to wish me happy birthday! thanks dude!
dee. thankyou!
david. thankyou!
dannis. thankyou for the handroses and wishes dude!
dionna. thanks a lot ya!
doreen. thankyou hottie for everything!! loveeee.
emily. thankyou dear!! I really miss hanging out with you already!
fadzli. thankyou for sms-ing me so early in the morning just in time to wish me happy birthday! (:
gikian. thankyou twinnie!! cheese appreciates your humour everynight and the birthday song! Banana rocks!
guo hwee. thankyou for even remembering my birthday!
henrietta. thankyou for the ecard!
hongboon. thankyou for the wishes!
ivan. thankyou!
jiaci. thankyou for the wishes!
josh. thankyou for the wishes dude!! love the video.
james. thankyou buddy!
judith. thankyou for the hugs!
justin. thankyou!
justin(zhss). thankyou!
joey. thankyou!
jinkai. thankyou!
john. thankyou for the wishes yeah!
junzhang. thankyou HANDSOME for the wishes and for not calling me weird names that day!
jinhong. thankyou for the wishes and the really touching email! (:
kerrin. thankyou for the wishes!
kevin. thankyou!
kaisheng. thankyou cuzzy!!
lingyun. thankyou for the neverending birthday wishes sweetie!
leon. thankyou for the wishes and everything that happened! (:
marilyn. thankyou sweetie! much love.
michelle. thankyou dumbdumb for the really sweet email!
mingyang. thankyou!
myra. thankyou!
nicole. thankyou sweetie!
nura. thankyou for remembering my birthday and wishing me at 12am on the dot! :)
pong. thankyou for making these few nights so not-boring for me! & the chocolates! ;)
queena. thankyou dear! really sweet.
rachel. thankyou!
ruqing. thankyou cuzzy! (:
ruyang. thankyou cuzzy!
steph. thankyou for the wishes babe!
siewting. thankyou! and stop being jealous. lol
sasha. thankyou!
siewhoon. thankyou sweetie.!
ulric. thankyou!
weijie. thankyou cuzzy!
yonghao. thankyou!
yilyn. thankyou!
yukina. thankyou!
yiteng. thankyou for the wishes!
zhitao. thankyou for being so nice and i'm honoured. ;)
zhengyan. thankyou stupid! lol.
zhiyuan. thankyou buddy!! for the sweet email and everything else before! ;)

I'm a happy and lucky girl. :D

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