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Sunday, April 01, 2007
This is what we'll do when ultimate boredom strikes. No more assignments to rush in the weekend, no more whatsoever to worry about. This is what i call... LIFE! (((: I get to go out as much as i want. I get to do what i like. I get to meet as many people as possible. I get to live a life of excitement and adventures!

Or say perhaps it was just a way of immuning myself from feeling lost all over again.

Let kohzhimin & myself bring you into the world of webcamming!

(double jointed hands!)

"I am happy because i'm controlling kohzhimin's computer on my computer!"

"Look how happy kohzhimin is whilst sms-ing jk"

"I'll eat you up, i'd say!"

"Bang bang.. you shot me down... Bang bang"


"Stupid kohzhimin! i'm not that heavy!"

Don't you think we look like TWINS?!


why sad zhi? why!


let's take a peeeeeeeeep shall we!


The connecting face.

Okay, so there you go. That's for amusing you guys and hopefully it'll trigger you to laugh a little if you've had a bad day! Label us dumb/retarded/lame/whatever as long as it makes you feel better. I know i feel a little better.. (:

Then came marketing day in vic mart! Jacqapore was supposed to come along toooo, but boyfriend's more important lah huh! So kohzhimin & i set off to market feeling good about our flat tummies and going about faking an angmoh slength. -.-

Statue of KFC.

Ready, and set to go!

I was contemplating whether of not to upload these pictures because our clothes are left hanging everywhere!

So then we filled our fridge with heaps of food and off to QV to fill our hungry stomachs! It's amazing how we'd managed to survive two days w/o food. Like seriously NO FOOD for two days! All thanks to assignements after assignments.

Our original plan was to attend planetshakers with dawn, sherman and jeremy today. But i think i ate something wrong this morning and ended up throwing up whatever that's left in my stomach. Bad bad stomach flu and it had to happen along the streets. So then i went shopping around collins street and basically just city itself. Spent quite a bit but most of the things bought were NOT FOR MYSELF! Didn't had the intention to shop for myself, so lucky friends whom i got things for! (:

(look! cute little furry bedroom slippers!)

Why am i still not that happy?
Why ting why!

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