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Thursday, August 09, 2007
Sneak peak.

Hmm, actually to say, i might just revive blogspot for the sake of singapore. I'm just saying maybe, just maybe. So let's just take it as i'm taking a hiatus from public blogging. Right now, life seems focused with a common goal but uni spells stress, sleepless nights and whatsnot. Okay, no i'm not trying to nitpick on anything but you know how stress make me a grumpy person?

513 has been mugging quite productively for BLAW these few days and that's good shit i suppose. Everyone seems to be doing fine in singapore, or at least those who even bother to keep in touch persay. Hmm, the five weeks spent in singapore were relatively well-spent with quite a fair number of people! But then again, nicole, dana, xiangfeng, hazel went missing on me this holiday. HOW NICE UH GIRLS!

Ok, so anyway i'm quite tired now. Bye for now.
I'm a happy girl and baby should know why. ;)

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